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The Galactic Punks Validator is now live!

The Validator was born out of Proposal 003 of GalacticDAO and provides everyone with a possibility to stake their LUNA with a reliable, low-commission, community-led Validator. Revenue is reinvested into DAO, and a part is used to fund NFT raffles for all stakers!

About Galactic Punks

Galactic Punks are 10,921 randomly generated NFTs on the Terra blockchain.

It was the year 2021 and Columbus-5 was around the corner. UST was the fastest growing stablecoin and the #TerraAutumn season was among them. Yet a group of LUNAtics couldn’t help feel like something was missing.

After soul searching in the depths of the cosmos, it was clear what was needed: a jpeg for the people, specifically the LUNAtics of the Terraverse. Frustrated with gas wars down on Earthereum, they met on the Moon to mint Galactic Punks, the first collection of Terra NFTs. Join the Galactic Punks on their mission to bring NFTs to Terra.

Galactic Punks were minted on October 2nd and sold out in 8 minutes. They can now be purchased on the RandomEarth marketplace.


  • 10,921 randomly generated NFTs are minted into the Terraverse. LUNAtic Twitter PFPs will never be the same.


    Galactic Punks Mint & Reveal
  • Galactic Punks touch-down on RandomEarth and was the first collection available to buy, sell and auction on their marketplace. Rarity tools & features added.


  • An intergalactic council will be established and its crew of community managers, event organizers, moderators and contributors seek to grow the Galactic mission.


    Clubbing in the Cosmos & the Intergalactic Council
  • Launch a social voting system for Galactic Punk holders to govern the Galactic treasury and future vision of the project. GPs will also have access to holder only channels.
    GalacticDAO V1
  • Every Galactic Punk needs a ship. Holders will be airdropped a randomly generated GalacticShip, which will be viewable in the Galactic Hub and added to RandomEarth.
  • URL to IRL. The Galactic Merch drop will allow holders to rep GPs not only on Twitter.
    Galactic Merch Drop
  • The Galactic mission is to further the NFT ecosystem in the Terraverse. Community members will be able to help host a NFT hackathon with a goal to encourage builders, artists and creators to build on Terra.
    NFTerra Hackathon
  • Transition governance onto the Galactic Hub and decentralize treasury control.
    GalacticDAO V2

Meet the Team

TASA punk

Marketing, partnerships and business. Involved in growing and promoting collaboration in the Terra community - hackathon organizer and business development specialist. Currently working in the VC space.


Marketing, creative direction, social media content marketer and web designer / developer. Passionate about NFTs and crypto. Has lead and worked to grow multiple crypto related projects.

Head Engineer

Full stack engineer. Winner of multiple crypto hackathons. Passionate about blockchain technologies and finding ways to innovate in the fast growing space.

Head of Community

Community manager and community growth specialist. Fosters strong and non-toxic communities. Promotes and empowers community engagement.

KARMA punk
Head of Design & Events

Art historian and paintings conservator turned NFT aficionado. Excited to explore new forms of engagement at the intersection of social governance and art.

Community Moderators

Discord: MC#6735


Discord: raldeo#1519


Discord: KOP.#9843


Discord: urboymm#3661

johnny boy

Discord: johnnyboy#2731


Discord: samsepIOL🌔#4584


Discord: ilcampe#0782


Discord: kief#1702