1. 10921 Punks Land On-Chain

    10921 Punks minted in around 8 minutes. Also marks a record breaking block for the Terra blockchain.

  2. Largest sale recorded

    $688,500.00 USD GP #7692

  3. GP Exchanged For Tesla

    Tesla swapped for a GP!

  4. First DAO Vote

    First dao vote done on discord.

  5. GP V2 Validator live

    First dao vote done on discord.

  6. Terra V2 Launch

    Terra is reborn.

  7. GP V2 Validator live

    Validator goes live on Terra V2.

  8. Migration to Terra V2 (still live)

    Migration opens for punks to move to Terra V2.

    Migrate Now
  9. Council V2 live - 1st elections

    Council elections.

  10. Council 2nd elections Latest

    Council elections for new term.

Galactic Punks are 10,921 randomly generated NFTs on the Terra blockchain. Together, they make up the GalacticDAO.

It was the year 2021 and Columbus-5 was around the corner. UST was the fastest-growing stablecoin and the #TerraAutumn season was among them. Yet a group of LUNAtics couldn’t help feeling like something was missing.

After soul searching in the depths of the Cosmos, it was clear what was needed: a jpeg for the people, specifically the LUNAtics of the Terraverse. Frustrated with gas wars down on Earthereum, they met on the Moon to mint Galactic Punks, the first collection of Terra NFTs. Join the Galactic Punks on their mission to bring NFTs to Terra.

Galactic Punks were minted on October 2nd, sold out in 8 minutes and set a block height record at the time.

The GalacticDAO is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a community on Terra.